Critical Reviews of The Bartered Bride in New Zeland 2012

Of course, opera just would not make it without a world class orchestra, and Oliver von Dohnanyi returns to New Zealand after conducting the NBR New Zealand Opera’s performance of Cav & Pag in 2011. The Bartered Bride score is given world-class polish with Oliver von Dohnanyi.


As a collective sound everyone from the main characters to the ensemble were simply outstanding. The orchestra headed by Oliver von Dohnanyi marries voice and music harmoniously; one is never overpowering the other. I always find it such a shame that we cannot see the orchestra. With this particular orchestra, even though you can only hear them, each instrument stands out in its own right but also come together in one
heavenly voice, beautifully accompanying and enhancing what is happening on stage.

Their romance unfolds through some of the most tuneful music you’ll hear in an opera house. Conductor Oliver von Dohnanyi and Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra inspire the cast by never losing the lilt and flow.

The New Zealand Herald

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